Lawrence Research Associates (LRA) enables your team to quickly master the communication skills needed to bring out the best in others. Our Management By Strengths (MBS) teambuilding workshops deliver hands-on tools, techniques, and tactics to help your teams work more effectively.
  • Self knowledge – Participants’ basic communication style preferences are identified by completing the Management By Strengths survey. This is done online and takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Understanding – Participants attend an in-house Management By Strengths workshop to develop a practical understanding of their resulting MBS Profile Reports.
  • Results – During the Management By Strengths workshop, participants learn to quickly apply their MBS skills to improve both professional and personal relationships.

Build Effective Teams

  • Understand critical elements of team communications
  • Increase productivity
  • Retain top talent

Accelerate Lean Project Initiatives

  • Effectively communicate your value proposition
  • Synchronize understanding of project goals
  • Speed decision making

Improve Sales Performance

  • Bolster listening skills
  • Identify different decision making styles
  • Become a more effective persuader

Establish a Respect-Based Workplace

  • Prevent and quickly resolve conflicts with proactive communications
  • Increase productivity and innovation with clear and effective communication
  • Transform complaints into productive suggestions

What Makes Management By Strengths (MBS) Unique?

MBS focuses on positive characteristics.

The MBS profile indicates a person’s most productive communication and decision making style. It recognizes the positive and strong preferences of colleagues in order to work with people in the way to which they will best respond. The MBS program is not a system for stereotyping, but about achieving best results.

MBS is an outward-focused, proactive team building program.

MBS is outward and proactive. Participants learn how to improve relationships with colleagues within a day, which might otherwise take years. MBS goes beyond simple descriptions of basic behavioral styles. Gaining an understanding of our communication style is a useful first step, but most “profiling programs” stop there.

MBS is easy to implement and easy to understand.

The MBS profile is provided in graphic, color coded, and written formats, in order to support different learning styles. Participants’ families can also take the survey at no additional charge, thereby reinforcing workplace learning and skill building. Interactive online MBS tools provide personalized guidance for working with team members.

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